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Global & international geospatial data

GRID-Geneva manages numerous high quality geospatial data sets at various scales (global, continental, national and subnational) on a variety of environment related themes. The data are provided free of charge to users around the world.

The GRID core datasets

They include a selected set of basic fundamental geospatial data held by Grid-Geneva, and collected from external sources. They are directly accessible through the following link:

The Grid Core Datasets  share the following characteristics :

 Global geographical extent • Actual access to the physical resource
• Latest available version • Include metadata (ISO19115
• Used regularly by Grid staff • Ensure Interoperability and services
• Easy access from everywhere • Data served without any modification

Local geospatial data

Switzerland and Geneva data

Besides, in collaboration with the University of Geneva and through various research, projects, UNEP/GRID-Geneva is developing and managing the UNIGE/GRID-SDI in order to make geospatial and tabular databases available to end-users.