GRID-Geneva provides analytic and training support on imagery analysis and related remote sensing topics, GIS methodology and operation of software/hardware, data management, environmental reporting and Web technologies, including Internet mapping. The aim is to build and strengthen the environmental information management capacity of UNEP partner organisations and national institutions. The office also offers internship opportunities for students and young professionals to receive hands-on training and experience working with state-of-the-art computers and software systems.

DEWA/GRID-Geneva's principal activity is to provide high quality environmental data and information, to underpin UNEP's review of the state of the environment and provide early warning on emerging environmental problems and threats. At the same time, GRID-Geneva offers technical services and develops value-added environmental products to support the work of other entities on a case-by-case basis.

Over the years, the office has compiled an extensive archive of geo-spatial and tabular databases, and is currently using state-of-the art information technology to make them accessible to the global community through Internet-based applications.

GRID-Geneva has also been a key partner in the development of the Swiss meta-data catalog known as Envirocat. The statistical analysis and on-line data of the UNDP report "Reducing Disaster Risk" were made possible thanks to GRID-Geneva's expertise in the latest technologies in userfriendly graphic visualization. These projects required expertise in a wide numbers of ICT tools such as Linux/UNIX, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql, IIS, SVG, JPGraph, Internet Maps Servers, ESRI, MapInfo, etc. At the same time, GRID-Geneva's know-how in such tools as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and modelling provides valuable knowledge and better insights for decision-makers.

If you think that GRID-Geneva could assist with your projects in some way, please feel free to contact our office.