GRID-Geneva generates many products that are all accessible through the left menu. These products can be classified in different ways: by the UNEP priority(ies) they address, by their geographic attribution, by theme or by GRID in-house activity cluster. All these entry points to access the products are offered through this left menu. One also has the option to directly access desired products by opening the "...By GRID products" menu.

The types of products generated by GRID-Geneva are the following:


GRID-Geneva is involved in many projects at various scales: local, country, European and global scales. This section allows one to find out about all GRID projects, past and present.


GRID-Geneva in collaboration with various partner organisations publishes a variety of scientific reports and papers intended to assist decision-makers and for environmental awareness-raising. This includes inputs to the European chapters of UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) reports, as well as other integrated environment assessments (IEAs) and state of the environment (SOE) reports at various geographic levels; early warning bulletins on emerging environmental issues and "hot spots", and in-depth scientific studies..

Geospatial data

GRID's archives contain numerous high quality geospatial data sets at various scales (global, continental, national and subnational) on a variety of environment related themes. The data are provided free of charge to users around the world.

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Maps and Graphics

GRID centres collectively hold thousands of digital maps at various scales (global, continental, regional, national and sub-national) covering a wide variety of human and natural environmental themes. GRID-Geneva produced various sets of maps to support a wide variety of partner organisations in effectively carrying out their work.


GRID-Geneva produces posters at various scales on a variety of environmental themes.


GRID-Geneva staff have been interviewed in many radio broadcasts, mostly in French, that can be directly downloaded from our website.